Remembering First Studio Adventure

Remembering First Studio Adventure

I remember well my first visit to a real recording studio, my Mom had set it up and the whole drive to California I was a ball of excitement and anticipation. Questions rattling in my head, How will I sound? Will the Studio guys like me? Hope I’m not nervous  and on and on.

The most surreal part being in the studio is the fact that when things actually start, you don’t really notice it, it’s like it wasn’t real It was so funny because my cousin and my Mom kepy chanting, “First time, first time, studio, studio.” So of course, I was excited about finally being there.  but I was still entirely focused and set on my goals.

The first track was Candid, (a song I had written 2 years before). which was even more surreal since the song is supposed to be chanting. With a little bit of a touch, that song became the entire memory of my first studio my experience.

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